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Almost 30 years of nonstop operations in trade shows

We started our operations in trade shows in 1987 when we entered into cooperation with one of Italy’s biggest trade show corporation NOLOSTAND in Milan.

Based on our Italian experience and profiting from the changing market economy in Poland, in 1990 we decided to start up our own exhibit business locally.

While continuing our cooperation with NOLOSTAND, mainly in Milan and Genoa, but also in Bologna, Turin, or Moscow, we continued to work on developing our trademark, making contacts with the biggest Polish trade show centers.

In mid 1990-ies we signed contract agreements with Targi Katowickie Trade Shows (then holding the second position in Poland among best trade show organizers) and with Targi w Krakowie Trade Shows.

At the beginning, we were the main builders of standard trade show stands for congresses or symposiums. With time and ever growing demand for customized stands, we launched activities in this branch of the industry.

Especially important to note here is the fact that a majority of our staff has been with us from the very beginning. We go together through successes and more difficult moments, which are an integral part of the development process. The most difficult moment in our company’s history was a construction failure of the Katowice trade hall in 2006 and the resulting economic whirl in the Silesian trade show business. Our firm has survived unchanged owing to the joined efforts of all team members.

Creativity, high qualifications, quality and timeliness, advanced technologies and materials – we give our clients all achievements gained throughout years of our practical experience.

Probudex as a Leader in Trade Show Services

In 2011 our performance was highly acknowledged and awarded by the Polish Chamber of Trade Show Industry, which associates all kinds of exhibit companies. We were awarded the title of The Leader in Trade Show Services. This is how the Chamber described the idea of the contest: “the goal of this contest was to enhance the quality of trade show services and to showcase firms which stand out in their performance by applying innovative setups, new technologies, exemplary projects and build and which pay special attention to implementing innovative exhibition and architectural concepts”. This citation best depicts the goals we want to achieve in our business operations.


We have been awarded many prestigious awards, medals, and recognitions. In spite of them all, for us the most important and most valued award, which gives us the biggest satisfaction is trust put in us by our clients. Many come back to us every year, others recommend us to new exhibitors.

40 000 square meters of build annually

Build is a very general term, which can be used to label a few thousand square meters of modular stands, small non modular stands, impressive custom stands, congress halls or unusual constructions produced for individual events.

In the history of our firm we had ventures which demanded from all of us a lot of effort: fast and efficient work, inventiveness, but also mutual trust and cooperation.

The most memorable events in our history were Polish Cardiac Society Congress in Katowice in 2005 and a series of  promotional events for ROSSMAN in 8 cities in 2008.

In both cases apart from grand scale of designs or volume of materials used for the build, the most difficult task was logistics in order to comply with the construction works within tight time constraints imposed by the events organizers.

We are able to take such challenges because of our long years of practice. We have overbuilt almost 40 000 square meters of trade show space annually. Every year for more than a dozen of years we have prepared 6000 square meters of modular and custom stands at Energetab in Bielsko-Biala. This is an incredibly unusual trade show event, which until quite recently has been organized in tented areas. In unfavorable weather conditions this is a task which very quickly teaches the team discipline, cooperation, fast reaction to unforeseeable circumstances.

Why Probudex


technological, organizational, innovative materials, new ideas, new way of reintroducing old products


profound knowledge of construction types, materials, multimedia updates, innovative lighting concepts


more than 25 years of deepening theoretical and practical knowledge of built, organization, and contacting exhibitors

Storage facilities:

Well-supplied storages and qualified employees, who know all secrets of trade show industry.
We have been a member of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry since 1996

Our team

We employ more than 20 full-time employees. Almost all of them have been working in our firm since it was launched. We also cooperate with many specialists in the affiliated branches, applying their knowledge and experience in order to achieve a better final product of our work.
Our team
Our team
Our team

Design and Marketing

All our firm’s projects are prepared by designers who while working for us have learned all aspects of this exceptionally interesting branch of business, which requires multiple skills.
Barbara Kryszewska (Architect)
Agnieszka Świat (Architect)
Maciej Kuryj (Head of Marketing)

Installation and Dismantle crew

This is a team of specialists representing many fields needed to realize projects created in our Designer’s Workshop.
Marek Stawowy
Wojciech Majchrzak
Tadeusz Spyrka
Jacek Brzezicki
Wacław Pajka
Bogdan Kostecki
Krzysztof Szczudło
Tomasz Pajka
Elżbieta Czerwiec

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are responsible for graphic designs of our stands and they have been connected with the trade show industry for many years. They are an important part of our team and are complementary to the efforts by designers and installation and dismantle crew.
Aleksandra Turowska
Bogdan Poważa
Andrzej Sowa
From the beginning until the very end our cooperation with you has been flawless. We are very satisfied. Wioletta Rodak-Słabuszewska Winsport Poland Sp. z o.o.
Especially noteworthy are high qualifications of both the trade show stand designers and assembling team. The quality of the works they did was on a very high technical level. Antoni Rusinek dyr. HSW S.A. Centrum Produkcji Wojskowej
I have the pleasure to inform you that by the power of resolution no. 9/06, the Board of Directors of the Polish Trade Show Corporation has awarded your company with a plaque “The stand with a recommendation from the Polish Trade Show Corporation” Halina Trawa Office Manager of the Board of Directors of the Polish Trade Show Corporation
The jury of the Polish Trade Show Corporation contest for “The Best Stand of the year 2005” awarded the PPHU Probudex Sp. z o.o. Production and Commercial Services with its award “The Best Stand of the Year 2005” Halina Trawa Office Manager of the Board of Directors of the Polish Trade Show Corporation
All service requests handled by Probudex are done professionally and thoroughly and on a timely basis. Noteworthy is our assembly team’s professionalism and high quality performance. Janusz Nowak Director for Sales of the International Katowice Fairs
Many years of experience in the industry and high quality of services done by PROBUDEX make this company a trustworthy and reliable business partner, who fully deserves our recommendation. Marzena Łukaszewicz The Director of the Polish Chamber of Trade Show Industry
A very good, joined cooperation with the company’s designers Has brought results instantaneously; the stands they produced got first prizes. It all translated into very positive reactions from our clients and fully satisfying results. Dariusz Bekas Marketing Office
Probudex should be credited, to a greater extend, for the success of the TREASURES OF BEAUTY festival. Probudex arranged the festival area in a very interesting way and prepared a functional design flawlessly – adjusting it to the specifics of the building. The quality of materials and attention to detail as well as organizational efficiency deserve esteem. Małgorzata Malińska Rossmann Polska
The company’s designers always arrange the space we buy out in an interesting way, proposing a functional and original design. The deadlines and the quality of materials used for building the stands are always perfect. The assembly team is always commendably professional. We do recommend Probudex as a cooperation partner. Agnieszka Sikorska Office Director
The trade shows Targi w Krakowie S.A. are satisfied with the cooperation with Probudex and, with full responsibility on our part, we can recommend this company as a highly efficient, competent, and solid business partner. Ewa Woch Deputy Board Chairman
A thank you letter for professional and complex preparation works for the 9th International Congress by the Polish Cardiac Society. Dr hab. n. med. Paweł Buszman Head of Organizational Committee
We are thankful for an exemplary cooperation Turing CeBIT trade fairs. Justyna Kauder Export Sales Manager
For a few years Probudex has overbuilt more than 3000 square meters of coverage at ENERGETAB. With full confidence we do confirm the reliability and keeping deadlines by Probudex and also high professionalism of its experts. Wojciech Dworzański The Chairman of the Board and Head Director