Display manufacture
We can produce any kind of trade show construction, starting from the so called standard setup with identical, linear, small booths through different sizes of modular and customized individual stands up to commissioned, massive constructions.

Whereas the standard construction is done mainly for trade shows, congresses, and other events, individual stands, also called authorial or special stands, are prepared on a special commission from a given exhibitor. The designer focuses mainly on the best possible presentation of the client’s product, on promoting a given trademark, on showcasing the company’s development and its market position, but also such factors like functionality, aesthetic values, and comfort the stand should provide for the display service are taken into consideration.

We encourage our potential clients, who would like to showcase their brand via a more attractive display solution than just a standard booth but who, at the same time, are limited by budgetary constraints, to choose display solution Standard+. It is in Probudex’s special offer and is recommended to the developing companies who we contact with our experienced designers to take  their project in their able hands. We have at our disposal our own carpenter’s, printing, and graphic shops. If a given project requires some special effects, we employ expert companies such as: big-format printing shops, lighting design experts, sound system and special effects experts, and producers of glass, plexiglass, or styrofoam.

Standard +
An authorial stand

Display design

Szeroko pojęta aranżacja przestrzeni wystawienniczej: targi, kongresy, wystawy, konferencje, sympozja.

Our team can prepare a widely understood display design for trade shows, congresses, exhibitions, conferences. W offer a crew of design professionals ready to face new challenges.

Event Managment

Owing to many years of experience, we can prepare a unique scenery for your company’s event tailored both for your needs and demands and adjusted to the event’s location.
We cooperate with designers specializing in trade shows.
At our disposal we have our own carpenter’s, printing, and graphic design shops.
We have appropriate motor pool for transporting display elements.
We have a crew of professionals (installers, electricians, carpenters) with more than 20 years of experience with our company.
We provide technical service for our stands during trade shows, congresses, and events.
All graphic design elements such as posters, logos, printouts belong to the exhibitor.


Modular display solutions are made of lighting solutions and reusable aluminum elements. These systems give designers many options, they are a little bit like LEGO blocks with which different forms can be built. Modular displays are quick to install, light, clear, easy to transport. After dismantling there is little waste to dispose of. In addition, modular display solutions offer a great potential for a variety of finishing materials and lighting options. The dynamic development of up-to-date display setups is reflected in contemporary design trends.


A display made from MDF boards is exceptionally impressive when used for grand, high-budget productions. Its elements are prepared in the carpenter’s shop according to a commissioned project and then transported to the trade show venue and installed there. The MDF technology is used mainly for interior designs. Therefore stands built with this technology give exhibitors the feel of the office space rather than of the temporary trade show location. The disadvantage of this type of solutions is a high volume of waste they produce – after conclusion of the event, the stand is not dismantled but rather destroyed and thrown into the waste containers.


Regardless of the technology in which a stand is produced, there are many ways of making the display more attractive:

− The most important complementary element is lighting, not only in the sense of functionality (to provide ambient light in spaces, above countertops, or above tables) but more in the sense of being an integral part of the composition. Light effects complement the stand equally with the construction, graphic posters, or furnishings.

− Another similarly important component of the construction are multimedia: the bigger and bigger plasma or LED screens, projectors, appliances producing astonishing special effects both visual and interactive.

− - Another extremely important component of the stand are massive printouts, whose size can be almost unlimited and unusual installation solutions and lighting.

−And lastly, original and interesting finishing materials. Sometimes minor, subtle details give interesting features to the display and catch the visitors’ eyes. This is especially important for the best presentation of the exhibitor’s brand.

FAQ - the most frequently asked questions

How much does one stand cost?
In case of customized stands it depends on the individual cost calculation of the project. The price depends on the size of the stand, construction type, type and quality of finishing materials, type and quantity of lighting and graphic designs of the stand. In case of events outside of Poland the cost of transport and service needs to be included.
Is the project cost free?
The cost of the project is included in the total for the stand.
Can the stand be purchased?
Sorry, the stand is not for sale.
Can the graphic design be collected by the exhibitor after the conclusion of the trade show?
Yes, graphic boards, printouts and logos belong to the exhibitor.
Does Probudex operate outside Poland?
Yes, we also operate outside Poland.
How long does it take to prepare a project?
Depending on the size of the stand and an advanced notice given to us, the project can take from 2 up to 7 days.


MARKU has been our client for many years. At first, MARKU’s basic expectation was a standard sales stand. With time, a simple form and uncomplicated module construction had evolved into a big, impressive custom shape made of MDF.